About Edward


Growing up in South Shropshire has shaped my foundations, and allowed me to be immersed in its natural beauty.

Climbing hills, catching fish, building damns, dens and treehouses became an everyday thing, always returning back to the family home, our hub.

My father has run his business from home producing high quality traditional pottery for 30 years. I feel this has formed my love for working with raw materials.

Wood and woodland have been a big part of our lives since a patch of Welsh woodland was purchased by my parents in the 90’s. Over the past 15 years I have spent more and more time there, learning every dip and curve of the land, discovering and unfolding its beauty.

Using my practical skills in forestry, carpentry and green energy heating, I undertook a course in Sweden, learning to build traditional log cabins. I was drawn to these dwellings by their simple beauty, the point where natural shapes meets the formal stack of logs. Irregularity and regularity.

Since my time in Sweden I have developed various cabin styles, gaining an understanding of what it takes to create beautiful, simple and functional spaces that rely only on their natural environment.

In 2016 we moved into the heart of Devon, where we continue to live, build and be inspired.